Lavan employees are some of the best speakers in the State. Here’s why.

Lavan is the only professional services firm in Western Australia to have its own registered Rostrum club – a club established under Rostrum Clubs of WA to develop the communication and public speaking skills of its members.

“Rostrum Club 5”, as it is known, was established at Lavan in 2009. It has held a meeting almost every week since then.

Lavan’s Club 5 was established by former Lavan partner and Rostrum Freeman Dan Mossenson to improve the presentation and advocacy skills of junior lawyers. While that goal is undoubtedly still being met, Rostrum Club 5 is no longer exclusive to lawyers. All Lavan employees are welcome at any time to attend as guests or join as members.

With a novel agenda and a lively meeting each week, members present short speeches in a supportive environment and receive invaluable coaching from external coaches.

Lavan Club 5 has produced two Western Australian “Speakers of the Year” and numerous finalists, as well as winners of other Rostrum Clubs of WA competitions, including comedy and debating. It was also awarded “Club of Excellence” in 2021.

Apart from fulfilling its primary purpose of building confidence in public speaking and meeting procedure, Rostrum also brings together people from all corners of the firm to build connections in a social environment.

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