Corporate Crime & Investigations

Lavan’s dedicated Corporate Crime & Investigations team has in-depth expertise spanning the full breadth of specialist advice required in the event of an investigation or prosecution by a regulator.
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Cinzia Donald

Corporate Crime & Investigations

Our full-service team combines the full spectrum of complex corporate and commercial advice with extensive experience in criminal legal procedure. Not only that, but we can provide services as both solicitor and counsel. This means the person who has the most intimate knowledge of the matter will also be the person providing representation in Court.

Lavan can provide risk management advice to pre-empt and minimise the risk of corporate misconduct and the attention of the regulators but also, in the event of an investigation or prosecution, stand by your side to guide you through the perplexing and unfamiliar processes of criminal legal procedure.

Our Services

You need lawyers who know what can go wrong so they can protect you from the risks that no one else can see. Our litigation experience informs our front-end risk advice. We can anticipate and identify risks that others may miss. Our experience includes:

Criminal Procedure

We understand criminal procedure. Most large commercial law firms do not. We will guide you through the daunting criminal legal process with clear and pragmatic advice, a forward-looking approach and a strong plan to ensure you feel in control and well informed at every stage.

Cross-Functional Regulatory Advice

Investigations can result in serious consequences.  Our cross-functional teams will deliver a seamless service addressing your legal, regulatory, commercial and disciplinary risks. Acting in such complex and sensitive matters requires more than an understanding of the legal issues. Lavan’s guidance can extend from managing a crisis to dealing with enforcement and regulatory bodies, dealing with government bodies, dealing managing media scrutiny, protecting your data and privacy and assisting with insurance and employment issues.

We have unmatched relationships with the regulators and criminal prosecutors. We know and understand the expectations of the regulators and understand the criminal procedure. We have worked closely with regulators, whether acting on their behalf or representing the interests of individuals or organisations they are investigating. As a result, we can pick up the phone at any time to help you resolve an issue or concern with them. We offer a multi-faceted approach addressing all legal, regulatory, commercial and disciplinary issues.

Investigations and Prosecutions

With specific regard to ASIC, our understanding of both the Corporations Act and the ASIC Act means we are uniquely positioned to assist you understand the combined breadth of their powers under both Acts.

We can also represent you during the progress of any ASIC investigation and prosecution and advise you on your obligations to deliver any documents and other information to ASIC.

A Bespoke Approach

We offer a bespoke approach because we recognise that every matter is different, complex and sensitive. We understand litigation should always be a last resort but, when it is necessary, must be handled strategically and commercially, with absolute regard to protecting your reputation.