Pro Bono

Lavan is committed to undertaking meaningful and impactful pro bono legal work to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the Western Australian community, as well as the organisations assisting these people. Through our pro bono practice we make a real difference, together.
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Pro Bono

Lavan recognises its professional and ethical obligation to provide access to justice for those in need who cannot access the legal system at all or without incurring significant financial hardship. 

We have a formal pro bono legal practice, which enables our lawyers to contribute their expertise to assist people in need and our pro bono clients experience the same levels of service as our commercial clients.  

We are a signatory to the Australian Pro Bono Centre’s national pro bono target of 35 hours of pro bono legal services per lawyer per year and encourage all lawyers to engage in pro bono work as part of their daily practice.  Our pro bono legal practice is led by a full-time dedicated Special Counsel, which enables our pro bono work to be managed in a more strategic and impactful way.

We strongly value collaboration and partnering with community organisations to build their capacity and the impact of their work. Our pro bono work complements our community program, and we aim to build deeper and holistic community partnerships that incorporate legal and non-legal support.  We also foster the development of pro bono culture and collaboration across the WA community sector.

Lavan only assists individuals where Legal Aid or a Community Legal Centre can’t assist.  Therefore, if you need legal help, please contact Legal Aid or your local Community Legal Centre first.  Community Legal WA has an online tool to help you find a Community Legal Centre, as well as links to legal information resources.  Legal Aid also has legal information on their website. Law Access can also assist with finding pro bono legal help for individuals and not-for-profit organisations.

“Lavan has always been committed to making positive change in the Western Australian community. Our pro bono practice is a vital pillar supporting the firm’s purpose of Making a Real Difference. Together. We are a West Australian business and our pro bono work helps the community in which we live and work.

Dean Hely

“At Lavan, we seek to inspire and empower everyone to be involved in pro bono and community work.  We are dedicated to utilising our skills, experience and networks to assist marginalised and disadvantaged people and the organisations supporting them. Our pro bono work is undertaken to the same standards as our commercial work.”

Iain Freeman