Intellectual Property & Technology

Lavan's Intellectual Property & Technology (IP&T) team provides accurate and pragmatic legal advice on complex intellectual property and information technology issues. 
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Iain Freeman

Intellectual Property & Technology

Lavan’s specialised Intellectual Property & Technology (IP&T) team provides strategic advice and representation for clients in all areas of intellectual property (IP), trade marks, copyright, patent advice and disputes, domain names, IP litigation and the innovative areas of biotechnology and information technology (IT). 

The team is led by partner Iain Freeman who has over 20 years’ practical experience in the area. 

The IP&T team is committed to ensuring that its clients’ legal and commercial interests remain protected whilst providing a valuable return on investment in intellectual property protection. 

With expertise in preparing licensing and confidentiality agreements, the IP&T team is able to give relevant and comprehensive legal advice on protection of confidential information and in particular, research and development in the biotechnology and information technology sector to ensure clients are able to exploit their intellectual property rights to extract maximum value.

The IP&T team provide top-tier representation to a number of high profile Australian and overseas brand owners.  The team have formed relationships with a number of overseas associates who work together to give you advice on how to protect your intellectual property in most jurisdictions around the world.  The IP&T team can help you to make the right decisions about your branding, exploiting your intellectual property assets, monitoring and enforcing your intellectual property rights in Australia and overseas. 

The IP&T team offers clients benefits such as electronic knowledge management systems or knowledge centres which enable clients to access information about intellectual property issues from their own premises including the implementation of specialised computerised linkage to data rooms for complex commercial transactions and the management of high level and complex litigation.

Our Services

Confidential Information

We are experienced in providing advice to our clients and assisiting them in protecting their confidential information.


We regularly provide advice and assistance to clients in regards to copyright including and acting in copyright disputes.

Intellectual property agreements

The IP&T team is experienced in advising on and preparing intellectual property agreements to enable your business to grow locally and internationally.  The IP&T team has a knowledgeable and experienced team of practitioners who are able to prepare commercial contracts ranging from simple forms of assignment through to complex manufacturing, distribution, licensing and confidentiality agreements for use in Australia and overseas.  The IP&T team can also advise you on matters concerning electronic commerce and how your business is affected by privacy and spam legislation in a growing digital market. 

Intellectual property litigation

The IP&T team is the full complement with a sophisticated litigation team experienced in defending and enforcing intellectual property rights in Australia, and through its associates, overseas.  The IP&T team can also give you advice on compliance with consumer legislation in Australia and assist your company to identify its intellectual property potential through intellectual property audits.  The IP&T team can also assist your company in obtaining and maintaining Australian business names, together with Australian and foreign domain names, to complement your intellectual property portfolio.

Trade marks

The IP&T team has extensive experience in securing trade mark protection both in Australia and overseas and can design a cost effective trade mark filing program for your company by relying on the broad experience of its practitioners and overseas associates.